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The Eskdale War Memorial Church is located on State Highway 5, Eskdale, and was designed by WP Finch and dedicated in 1920. It was built in memory of a local man, Percival Moore Beattie, who was killed in action at Le Quesnoy, France on 4 November 1918, a week before armistice with Germany at 11am on 11 November.

Percy's father-in-law, Eskdale farmer Thomas Clark donated the land and his widow, Annie, donated money for the building and furnishings.​ 

Thomas Clark’s vision was this:

Men of different creeds and nationalities fought and died with the same impulse to procure freedom, spiritual and temporal for all time, and friends in memory of their great sacrifice will like to meet together to worship the one God in the same building created as a memorial…my hope is that this Memorial Church may result in willing cooperation and help unite professing Christians in love and fellowship towards one another.”

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Nigel Kynoch

Anglican Minister

Christo Viljoen

Presbyterian Minister

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