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Get Married at Eskdale War Memorial Church


Making A Booking


If you would like to celebrate your wedding, receive a marriage blessing, be baptised yourself, baptise a member of your family or conduct a funeral at the Eskdale War Memorial Church, please peruse the information provided below. This will help you decide if our Church is a suitable option for you.



If you decide yes, then complete the relevant Application Form and email it to & you will be contacted as soon as possible.







The Church


The Eskdale War Memorial Church was built by Thomas Clark and his daughter Annie in memory of Annie’s late husband, Lieutenant Percival Moore Beattie, who was killed in action at Le Quesnoy on 4 November 1918.

While vested in the Anglican Church, the church has been operated as a partnership between Anglican and Presbyterian churches and as such is a consecrated, Christian Church. The church trustees are committed to the advancement of local people and causes and for the positive use of our resources. As such, we welcome all people, to visit the church, attend worship services and belong to the faith community. We are, however, committed to honour the church's traditional teachings.


Planning Your Service


We welcome couples who would like to use the Eskdale War Memorial Church. For those attending our Church we ask that you respect the spirituality of our Church.

We are a Christian House of Worship and a War Memorial, and as such we ask you to be mindful of this when planning your service and attending our Church.

Ordained Ministers, Priests, Vicars, Pastors, Lay Preachers and Registered Celebrants may take services upon approval of application.

The Church seats approximately 100 - 120 adults with 21 pews.



Same Sex Marriage Policy


Traditional teaching on the nature of marriage as between one man and one woman. We welcome all people, regardless of sexual orientation, to visit the church, attend worship services and belong to the faith community. We are, however, committed to honour the church's traditional teachings. 


Reception Recommendations 

Linden Estate Winery

Contact Greg Miller
Distance from Church - 1k


Distance from Church 1k

Church Road Winery

+64 6 8338225
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Mission Estate Winery 

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